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The latest Government guidelines regarding the lockdown. 

Whilst staying with us on Park you are required to follow the measures below.

Government rules and guidelines

These measures have had to be put in place to allow us to re-open.

This is to ensure we are doing everything we can to help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 to our team, you, our customers and all visitors. 

Thank You. 

  • Shared Facilities – shower and toilet facilities will remain closed with a view to reopening on Monday, 17th May 2021 at the earliest.
  • Shared Facilities – The anglers’ toilets will be open only when the fishing lake is open; they are to be locked any other time. Whilst staying on the Park you must use your own facilities.
  • Communal area – Information Room and book exchange will remain closed with the view to re-opening on Monday, 17th May 2021 at the earliest.
  • Communal area – washing up area will be open but social distancing must be taken into consideration whilst using it.
  • Communal area – When filling water bottles, disposing of foul/wastewater, disposing of general waste in the bins and using the telephone box for electric tokens, disposable gloves are recommended (but not provided).
  • Communal area – the dog walking area will remain open but social distancing must be taken into consideration.
  • Small social gatherings of up to 6 people can take place but only with other Park users. Social distancing must be taken into consideration within your group and your neighbouring caravans.

Health & Safety: do not invite visitors to the Park. If you want to meet with friends and family, you will have to arrange this away from the Park.  This is so we can limit the number of people visiting our site.

  • Fast food delivery/Takeaway – Delivery drivers are to be met in the car park. They are not to drive to your caravan.
  • The Barrier at Reception will be lowered at 9 pm. If you are going off Park and you think you will return after this time you must have a key. There is a £20 refundable deposit for this. Any Park Users arriving after this time with no key must park their vehicle in the lay-by overnight (we will not come out and raise the barrier for you).

Please note, as the law evolves and hopefully, this pandemic is brought under closer control these measures will be reviewed and relaxed.

In all communal areas: you must have your own supplies of hand sanitiser and disposable gloves.

Your patience and understanding are appreciated throughout these difficult times.                                 

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